this is an indicator that have many essentials in one indicator and prevent from adding many indicator in chart
Ichimoko clouds and 4 ema from number 19 , 33 , 66 , 199
and an spatial average ema with 2 color that help you to find trend
Histomentu is a great Indicator that combine RSI Composit by RSi line and show momentum of price movement by a histogram
for better use note that:
red line is composite line
green line is rsi line
when composite line run away from histogram momemtum increase rapidly
when composite and rsi line is in same way its time to get position .
some futures is hidden by default:
composite red and green signal line
rmi of price with to color with momentum 4
ema 13, 33 of rmi as signal line
finaly u can change any colors from setting
in background we determine some fills for better use of Indicator
for better use note that:
1_pivots show with tiny triangles bellow and above the candles
red triangles for hi pivots and green triangles for low povots
2_ema19 , 66 , 199 shown on chart by default and you can change its source or length from settings

3- ichimoko cloud help you to determine demand and supply zones that those points are price target to go.


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