Price breaks

This indicator displays the High/Low/Close of the previous day/week/month as horizontal lines. Of course, everything is configurable but to keep it simple and non-intrusive it only displays:
  • month's H/L/C levels on D time frame (drawn as circles)
  • week's levels on 4h (as crosses)
  • day's levels on 1h (as line)

These levels act as support / resistance over and over again, see current (08/24/2020) BTCUSD chart, the previous month's close (blue circles) did act as support and held on 08/11, also prev month's high (red circles) was not broken on 08/21. Once these levels break we might see lower prices but so far both of them act as good support to consider.
リリースノート: Add a small feature to display month/week/day's price levels on all intraday time frames. Enabled by default and customizable in Settings.





This is quite effective in daily time frame. However, this indicator isnt showing levels when time frame is set to 1 hour. Could you please help?

Thanks in advance :D
icostan akumar1057
@akumar1057, it is on purpose to keep everything clean, on 1h time frame it will be too crowded to display all levels but I will think about it and make an optional setting. Stay tuned...