inwCoin Position Sizing Calculator - For Cryptocurrency

Simple study for calculate position sizing with define risk percent.
The goal of this study is to eliminate excel/ google sheet calculation and we can just calculate proper position size within chart.

How to use
1) Specific your trade side ( Long or Short )
2) Define your Entry/Stop price. These values are important for position size calculation
3) Define your Target price, if you have one.
4) Define your risk percent per trade and some slippage + fee. Most top traders are recommend 2% risk per trade. And maximum risk is 6% per month/per concurrent positions.
5) Define your initial capital ( your money in portfolio )

- Specific currency type for display purpose.

How to read the result
1) Position Size will tell you how big your position size per trade that match your specific risk percent.
2) You can check Risk-Reward ratio ( RRR ) to see if this trade is a good one or not, the Gurus are recommend RRR = 1.5 - 2.0 to win in a long run.
3) You can check your profit target and profit % per your capital if the target reach. Also you can check how much profit amount you'll get if target reach.
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how do you do the entry, stop and the target automatic? so you dont have to manually change it for every stock. thank you in advance
Would be great if we could drag the levels by hand
@piriya33, Yeah.... I tried but it's not a drawing, so we can't move it freely by hand haha :D
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