Buy on dips and sell into rallies. Simple as that.

- Short line (green)
- Base line (white)
- Long line (red)

When the market price touches the white or the red(green) lines, buy(sell) orders are generated.
The exit points are 2 lines above(below) the entries.

- Period: It affects the value of Base line and the spacing of each line.
- Multiple: Specify the spacing between each line.
リリースノート: - bug fix
- add a setting "Color Bars"
リリースノート: - Add "Profit Margin". If "1" is set to this parameter, exit long(short) points are "1" line above(below) the entries.
- Add "Buy Equal Amounts?".
- Remove "Color Bar". (Bar color can be changed in the style tab.)
- Modify default values.
リリースノート: Fix a typo.
リリースノート: modify default values
リリースノート: modify default values etc.
お気に入りスクリプトからの削除 お気に入りスクリプトに追加
I would prefer turning off the checkbox "Trade Mode".
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