GRAB or TrendStrength Bars with Highlights[Salty]

GRAB or TrendStrength Bars with Propulsion Dots and Highlights for Squeeze Pro, CCI-Arrows, and SlowStoch

This indicator shows GRAB or TrendStrength candles and allows several moving averages to be displayed at the same time.
It has arrows and diamonds above or below the candles to show CCI values above 100 or below -100 with the arrow pointing in the direction of the momentum.
Diamonds indicate slightly weaker momentum than arrows, but still consider strong.
It has background coloring that is light green to show bullish trends and light red to show bearish trends that are derived from slow stochastics.
In general Darker colors are used for down moves and lighter colors are use to show up moves. Also, red indicates bearish , and green indicates bullish throughout.
It has yellow background to show squeezes with additional Squeeze Pro information shown at the bottom of the chart in the form of letters and momentum arrows.
L = Low compression squeeze, S = Normal Squeeze, and H = High Compression Squeeze.
It has a set of propulsion dots for each Moving Average. The trend is consider bullish when green colored dots print, and bearish when red dots print.
3 ATR Keltner channels are printed. The first two show the values used by the squeeze by default
2 Bolinger Bands are displayed based on the values used by the Squeeze by default.
1 VWAP line may be displayed.
TIP: overlaying the TICK symbol is great for confirming a bias where positive values are bullish and negative values are bearish .
リリースノート: Revised 27Apr2020: I needed one more piece of information so I made an update that dynamically prints horizontal lines at the Daily High (green), MID (black), and Low (Red). This is helpful when trading shorter time frames.
リリースノート: Revised 18May2020: Added the ability to dynamically print lines at more Fib levels. Originally, these lines were based on the Daily time frame, but now the Monthly or Weekly time frame may be chosen as well.

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