(2) Two Alerts

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Current Trading View free plan allows only ONE active alert.

This simple indicator Allows to trigger this ONE and ONLY alert when price reaches Higher, or Lower price level.

You can set levels and turn alerts for them on/off in settings, or by just drag-n-dropping Horizontal lines on the chart.

To set the only alert you need to create new alert, and change it's following parameters :
condition : 2alerts
Any alert function() call

Feel free to modify it on your needs.
Indicator allows to trigger ONE alert in two different cases :
1. Price is Higher the predefined variable
2. Price is Lower the predefined variable

So basically it allows to use ONE alert as TWO alerts.
(It could be very useful for those who have FREE account like me ;) )

Instruction how to use :
1. Set necessary price levels to be alerted in indicator settings, or just move the horizontal lines.
2. Create new alert in the TV interface, and set it's condition values to :
Any alert() function call
Now the horizontal lines are solid on full length.
Now matching close with levels to break. Before was using highs and lows.

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