W5T Elliott Wave Indicator Suite

The Elliott Wave Indicator Suite brings order and reason to the world of Swing Trading, Intraday Trading and Day Trading. It greatly illuminates the path through the forest of chaotic markets versus getting lost among all the trees. Perfect for Stocks, Forex, Futures , Commodities , Indexes and even Crypto Currency markets. Watch the Video Tour and find out More >>>HERE<<<

  • Elliott Wave Indicator
  • High Probability Pull Back Zones
  • Elliott Wave isolation
  • Automated Target Zones
  • False Breakout Stochastic
  • Automated Elliott Wave Count
  • Special 5/35 Pull Back Oscillator
  • 6/4 MA High & Low for Trade Entry & Management
  • Training Bootcamp
  • Free Monthly Live Support Webinars

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That's about as good as any Elliott Wave Indicator "works". What looks obvious to all - does not work, and other set-ups are hell to find.
@Trader.ES, We have tried to make it simple, but with strict rules to make decisions on potential 5th Wave moves using the additional tools we provide in the suite. A "Go - No Go" Criteria which has helped 1000's of traders on other platforms we have developed for, like ThinkorSwim, NinjaTrader and more. Now this powerful tool is available on TradingView we are able to help even more traders find those high probability 5th wave moves...
Trader.ES tradethefifthcom
@tradethefifthcom, Thanks for your comments. I have been using some Elliott Wave in my trading over many years. The problem with EW, as everyone knows, it's too subjective. Any trading approach, which can not be quantified, in my experience is very difficult to trust and consistently pull the trigger. With that said....I am sure some traders are able to use EW with good results.

Good luck,
@Trader.ES, I have just been in Kansas training 40 of our users live for the weekend. One of the main points if day trading futures is to find the over night high or low as that is where the current short term trend could have started for the day. We dont always get a 5th wave move everyday but looking across major futures contracts, you can pick up a few great moves each week. Its about using the same simple and repeatable methods and rules to find them with our software
Trader.ES tradethefifthcom
@tradethefifthcom, Makes sense....thank you.
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