• Strategy name:Vega_30min
  • Exchange:bitFlyer, BitMEX
  • Timeframes:30min

Source code is private.
You can use any cryptocurrency exchange.
And you can change the back test duration.

This strategy is combined Trend follow strategy and Volatility strategy.
This is reverse position method.

It works with Ham-trader.
Try it!
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have you had any issues with repainting i.e. does this strategy repaints?
+1 返信
ProjectBBB grrr_ypto
It is not repaint.
I have moved this strategy in real trade from a month ago.
+1 返信
grrr_ypto ProjectBBB
@ProjectBBB, grrreat
let me try it out
thanks bbb
i need alerts for bot, can i use ?
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