Bitcoin Funds Overlay

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Overlay the Net Asset Value per Unit (NAVPU) of 4 different Bitcoin Funds on your Bitcoin chart.

This indicator uses the metrics from the fund management websites to calculate the "Net Asset Value per Unit (NAVPU)" to display the true underlying value of the fund.
Note that the metrics can change and therefore the graph is not accurate for long past timeframes.
You can update the metrics for each fund in the settings dialogue.

The script will autodetect the currency pairs of your current graph and only display compatible funds:

BTC / USD will show BTCC.U, QBTC.U and GBTC
BTC / CAD will show BTCC and QBTC
BTC / EUR will show VBTC

The script should not show in other currency pairs so it will not mess up other charts you might switch to.
If you find bugs with this logic, please comment below so I can fix them.

Due to TradingViews "no-links in description" policy, you need to google each funds website yourself to find the current metrics. These search terms should help:

- Update Funds/ETF base information (Shares per BTC)

These parameters can also be set by the user in the settings dialogue. Please note that as we can't pull these metrics for each day, the plot will only be accurate for recent times.


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