Moving Average Stop and Reverse v2 (MASAR) [cI8DH]

This indicator is an alternative to Parabolic Stop and Reverse indicator. It is primarily used to identify points of potential stops and reverses.

Instead of using a static parabolic curve, this indicator adjusts dynamically. Read here to learn more about the usage of this indicator.

I tested the strategy version of this indicator on Coinbase:BTCUSD and compared the results to the Parabolic SAR . I changed the settings on both indicators to achieve the best results on each indicator. This indicator outperformed the Parabolic SAR by a large margin.

You need to calibrate the indicator depending on the asset and time frame. Default options are calibrated for 1h on BTCUSD . It works best in trending markets.

This indicator has a multi timeframe feature as well.

Here is a TL;DR list of my indicators to save you some time from looking at my obsolete indicators.
リリースノート: - a minor update