market phases - JD

This indicator shows the relation of price against different period ma's.
When put in daily Timeframe it gives the 1400 Day (= 200 Weekly) and the 200 ,100 an 50 Daily.
The lines show the 200,100 and 50 ma in relation to the 1400 ma.

JD .

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PS. I build these scripts for my personal use but publish them open source, as I believe the best way to improve is to learn together.
If you find value in these indicators or use them regularly, feel free to leave a little something in the tip-jar for my next coffee break! ;-)
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リリースノート: added possible entry and take-profit points:
- The small triangles on the top and bottom indicate general markt trend
- The bigger bright triangles on the bottom and top indicate possible (retracement) entry points
- The bigger faded triangles on the bottom and top indicate possible take profit or exit points

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Exceptional work, really impressed with the way you did the plotting too. Keep it up!
Duyck allanster
@allanster, Thanks for the support!
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