Session Liquidity

The “Session Liquidity” TradingView indicator by Infinity Trading creates dynamic horizontal lines at the high and low points of a specified time span within the trading day. This indicator gives the user control of three separate time spans so the user can dynamically see the highs and lows of their favorite daily time spans.


This indicator is similar to my TradingView indicator “Futures Exchange Sessions 3.0”. In that indicator the user gets control of dynamic price boxes. For me, these boxes made it difficult to spot ICT’s Orderblocks. So instead of boxes I made independently controllable lines and now I can spot ICT Orderblocks and easily identify Liquidity Pools.

Inputs and Style

Everything about the three dynamic lines can but independently configured. Start & End Times, Line Color, Line Style, Line Width, Text Characters, Text Size, Text Color can all be adjusted. The high and low lines as well as their text labels can be individually toggled on or off for maximum control.


All of the start and end times are in EST. Additionally, each time span line needs a specific start of each day. This is controlled by a setting called “Line Start Day Timezone” where the user sets a timezone that corresponds with the start time. In general if a timespan resides within a particular Session pick the corresponding timezone. If the users line fits in the Asian Session then choose Asia/Shanghai. If the line is within the London Session then choose Europe/London. And the same goes for the New York Session.

Special Notes

  • If the Line Start Time is within one candle of the Start Day Timezone in the Settings, then the line/box won’t display. So choose the previous timezone
  • Lines only display when the timeframe is <= 30 minute



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