Oxo_RSI_CCI_SWING_V1 is upgrade of
Oxo-BBS-HHL-V5 - Shows RSI Swings as Stochastic Oscilator
- Show RSI Trend
- Shows CCI Trend
- Both calculated with HHLL method
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Is the source code available?
I don't know exactly how this indicator works, but it's the only one I use from the public library. It's helping me determine Gartley Pattern situations.
Thanks, View4U
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Hello sir Thank you very much for your work! And please tell me, is it possible to get the source code of this indicator? Thank you in advance!
I love this for investing. Thank you.
What do the red and green triangles mean?
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Göstergedeki işaretleri açıklayacı bilgi olsa daha güzel olur.
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kishoreddi ZorDostum
@ZorDostum, red triangles indicate downtrend and green uptrend.
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