Jurik-Filtered Kase Permission Stochastic [Loxx]

Jurik-Filtered Kase Permission Stochastic is a special implementation of Kase Permission Stochastic by Kase StatWare. This implementation uses a Jurik filter to smooth final output.

What is Kase StatWare?
Kase StatWare has been around since 1992 and is a technical analysis trading indicator package developed by the acclaimed market technician and former energy trader Cynthia A. Kase. StatWare’s self-optimizing indicators help professional and individual traders to form a precise and systematic approach to discretionary trading and trade risk management.

Kase StatWare creates subscription-based technical analysis tools mainly for Stocks and Futures trading which can be subscribed to at a monthly cost.

What is Kase Permission Stochastic?
The Kase Permission Stochastic is a momentum indicator that examines a synthetic longer bar length, that by default, is three (5x by default for this implementation here) times higher than the bar length it is plotted against.

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