Straight Trend V1

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Hello everyone,
We are proud to present you our "Straight Trend" Strategy.
Strategy is use a specified timeline's opening price as reference and draw a line between the current price and trend line .
Trend line is smoothed with last X times of highest and lowest values ( Donchian Methodology) in order to create less noise and fake alerts , therefore creates a channel of current prices time based opening price.
The timeline can be adjusted according to your specifications in the settings.
Why opening price ?
We are traders ,no matter what we do ,we always make a benchmark at the end of a day , week or at the end of a specified time line.
Example :
X commodity's price increased %15 in last days or Y commodity's price dropped %30 in last 2 weeks etc. etc.
Thats why the opening price have a hidden and much more important role in our trading sessions.
After the channel is created we remove the unnecessary lines from our output by filtering the direction with closing price.
IF the closing price is higher than Chanel reference price and direction goes upward the script gives you a BUY signal.
The same methodology is applied for SELL operations.

When to Take Profit?
We put a setting for profit percentage in scripts setting you can adjust the ratio as your choices.

When to Stop Loss or change direction of the trade?
The Straight Trends previously mentioned channel's inverse line was set as STOP LOSS and direction changer in the strategy with "STR-X" Marker.
Note : Strategy is much more effective with heikin-ashi bars due methodology of heikin ashi and with this bars it creates less signals with more accuracy, use at your own discretion.
Please don't hesitate to write us if you need support or assistance, we also appreciate your feedbacks.
Please be advised that this strategy is published with Educational Purposes and it is not a investment advice.
Thank you in advance.
The Take Profit Section is expanded according to one of our followers request.
TP-1st Section = %25 ,TP-2nd Section = %25 ,TP-3th Section = %25 and on trend reversal last %25 of commodity will be sold according to new logic.
Good luck and good hunts guys.

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