SuperTrend Buy And Sell

Original = @everget
Actual Version - @guikroth
リリースノート: up
リリースノート: up
リリースノート: Fixing alerts
リリースノート: bluecolor line
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I don't understand why lines 36,37 and 38 are the same? This creates 3 different BUY alerts. But the code appears to be the same?
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can you PLEASE make it into STRATEGY ?
@guikroth, can you please convert into strategy to see how much profit it makes. thanks
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what is the lag of it? How many candles?
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I really like this - thank you!! One question, can you tell me why there are 3 buy signals in the alert drop down?
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guikroth ollywalker1
@ollywalker1, hi, yes. because the resolution of some monitors. If the monitor or screen is to small, the alert is hiden at TV. Just for this. You can choose anyone. Is the same
Am I missing something, this indicator shows the past buy and sell levels but not the current or future?
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guikroth FreshCrypto
@FreshCrypto, Always the current. Never the future. Unfortunetely
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