FundCandlesV1sloth288 is an indicator I decided to put together so I can track how funds are doing on $GVT Genesis Vision.

Using a standard MACD or RSI indicator you can change source to use the FundsCandles values to determine if its a good time to enter or exit different funds on the platform.

What you need to know...
Currently all securities need to pair the same, (USD / BTC ).
Security 01 , 02, 03 etc etc to maximum of 10 need to be in "BINANCE:LINKUSD" format.
Manually need to input circulating supply from CMC to get the proper ratios for index.
Allocation is the % of the funds exposure to said security.
Inputting the values does not track previous reallocation's, the whole chart will be if the history of the fund was using up to date settings.
Values on the right is the Marketcap of the fund.

Standard settings is of Oracle Basket on the platform made by Somnium Funds as of Aug 13 2020.

Next update will be after GV includes traditional stocks onto the platform for managers to diversify their current allocations into them.




Forgot to mention, by changing the settings and saving the chart template, you can track a few of the funds with ease in comparison to the GV platform.
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