Volume x Price in Crores + RVol

Script is designed predominantly for Indian users. Many are used to looking at numbers in lakhs and crores vs millions and billions, this provides a volume figure in rupee crores.

Formula is last close_price x volume / 1 cr or (close_price x volume /10000000). The second figure is the simple moving average (default to 20sma ) again in rupee crores. The third is the relative volume - todays volume / 20 day moving average.

Helpful especially when putting on a trade for a thinly traded stock. It is a quick gauge to how large or small one would want to buy or avoid. Helps manage risk. Also, great to see large volumes in crores to gauge institutional buys or sells.

On 10/NOV/21 - In the chart displayed here, Titan volumes are on average quite substantial as one can see. The 20 day moving average is 550 CR+. 10/NOV volumes are shown as 226 CR and the RVOL is 0.41 (226/550).

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