Trade Like A Boss Crypto Indicator

Trade like a boss crypto indicator gives you 99.9% accurate signals of when to enter and exit a trade. Our indicator is recommended for swing traders and long-term investors looking to maximize profits and eliminate losses.
Alerts for when to buy and when to sell
Our indicator can be used for scalp trades also.
Indicator must be used with Renko candles
We recommend using the daily chart .
リリースノート: updated version to be used with candles
リリースノート: now updated to use candles and adjust volatility
リリースノート: Now can be used with candles and for scalping on low timeframes by adjusting volatility threshold!
リリースノート: Trade Like A Boss version 3 Filters out 99% of older versions long & short signals.

Designed to be used with 4 Hour chart, However can be used on any timeframe.
Simply adjust Range Multiplier to fine tune your desired trading timeframe.

*Correlates candle colors to signals

* Includes trading Range highs and Lows

For free 3 day access contact me.

Happy Trading!
リリースノート: Name Change and modified algorithm
リリースノート: Name Change
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hello, can i have access please
May I give it a spin?
BossIndicators clicketyclick
@clicketyclick, message me
may i ask for access please?
So why would I need this instead of just using Renko brick color change? How much better is the entry and exit point? Cause from here it looks like it repaints
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BossIndicators WinterHodler
BossIndicators WinterHodler
@WinterHodler, my indicator can be used with candles as well I personally swing BTC and use Renko with alerts. I get alerts of when to buy & sell! No need to stare at charts all day, If you want access please feel free to message me.
may i ask for access please?
may i ask for acess please
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