Lepelle's Key Levels

Credit to original code goes to paaax and NSDT. Modified to include premarket H/L levels and to show only daily levels. Indicator includes Close levels.

-US Premarket High and Low Levels
-Daily OHL Levels (No close included)
-Yesterday and Previous day OHLC level
-Labels and ability to modify user preferences (color, line)

リリースノート: updated to Premarket calculation
Updated Today's Levels to Current Levels
リリースノート: Updated previous script to PineScript Version 5
リリースノート: updated default settings to bring labels closer to candlesticks as most users will be intra day users looking at short time scales like 10min / 5min ect..
リリースノート: Fixed pre-market low level as it did not always updated automatically on new day.
リリースノート: Updated premarket high levels as they not automatically updated every day
リリースノート: added moving averages to key levels
リリースノート: Added Opening Range Breakout as another key level that can be used as support and resistance when day trading

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