We script this one for combining VWAP , EMA50 and EMA200. The tool is fantastic if traders know how VWAP , EMA work? Just adding this script in your favorite and work like charm:

VWAP: How to trade with that
- One of the simplest uses of the VWAP is gauging support and/or resistance.
- A trader who is long a stock can use the VWAP as a target exit if its trading below.
- A stock trading over intraday VWAP may be bullish , while a stock trading under may be bearish .

EMA 50/EMA200: How to trade with that timeframe 50-day or 200-day period
- Identify the trend of market in longterm
- Golden-cross (short term EMA cross above longterm EMA ) is call golden-cross signals. It is opportunity for buying.
- Deal-cross ( short term EMA cross below longterm EMA ) is call dead-cross signals. It is opportunity for selling.
- Identify support levels
- Identify resistance levels

Let me know if you see anything else that should be added/changed.

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