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With this indicator you can add a table on top of your chart.
What's in this table?
On which graph you open this table, the indicator data at the selected time of that graph are written. In the image below, you can see the table in the upper right.

You can also see two EMAs above the chart in this indicator. You can adjust their length.

You can add automatic fibonacci retracement levels to the top of the chart. In this way, you can see the Fibonacci levels on the chart and determine the support resistance. If the price is above the Fibonacci level, it will appear green on the chart, and red if below. You will understand as you use it.

It turns red if the RSI is below 30 and green if it is above 70.
Likewise, if the price is above the moving averages you have set, it appears as green, and if it is below it, it appears as red.

You can hide and activate the EMA and Fibonacci levels above the chart.

For example, you can get the ETH chart while the BTC chart is open in front of you. I think you will understand everything clearly from the settings tab below. Please support me. I hope you will be satisfied using it.
• English translated.
• Chart update.
Added mobile version setting. Only simple features have been added to mobile to fit the screen.

Fib fixed
Line added.
İndicators scaled.
Ichimoku added.
Bollinger Bands added.
Pivot Points added.
Parabolic Sar added.
Fibonacci lines extension added.
Added turning all indicators on and off. In this way, you can see the indicator or indicators you want on the chart.
Added the ability to show and hide desktop tables.
Fixed issue with Bollinger and Ichimoku.
The colors of moving averages can be adjusted via the panel.

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