True Volume v6.0

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// @version=3
// Copyright @ ALEX SHORT (Developer)
// alpha tester : Norakichi (PROP Trader)
// Special Thanks Development Room RC Member's

// Attention Please from Developer!!!
// My indicator's already patent pending and the possibility of getting a patent is extremely high. If any software engineer will copy, there is a high risk that a huge amount of claim for compensation
// Not only in Japan but also in HongKong, USA, UK, Singapore... every country now. This is a world level patent will pending now. Don't forget it.
// Coming soon, it will be done in a week. Don't forget it.
// If you ignore that, you will lose Huge amount of money over 10 billion yen/year!!!
リリースノート: Version 6.0.0_DB:190624 is released.
1. Database updated and improved accuracy.
リリースノート: Version 6.1.3_DB:190915UJ is released.
1. Database updated and improved accuracy (* USD/JPY only)
2. The programing language version was upgraded from PineScript Version3 to Version4.
リリースノート: // Minor Version Up
リリースノート: Version 7.1.3_DB:2000919UJ is released.
リリースノート: Version 7.1.3_DB:201004UJ is released.
リリースノート: Version 7.1.3_DB:201012UJ is released.
リリースノート: Version 7.1.3_DB:201018UJ is released.

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