CCI with Volume Weighted EMA

Here is an attempt to improve on the CCI using a volume weighted ema which is then plugged into the CCI formula.
The CCI with VW EMA is an oscillator that gives readings between -100 and +100. The usual use is to 'go long' with values over +100 and short on values less than -100.
Another use of this oscillator is a countertrend indicator where one sells at crosses under +100 and buys on crosses over -100.

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Title="CCI with Volume Weighted EMA"
//CCI with Volume Weighted EMA
//This indicator uses a Volume Weighted EMA which is then plugged into 
//the standard CCI(Commodity Channel Index) formula.
//By SpreadEagle71

study(title="CCI with Volume Weighted EMA ", overlay=false)
length = input(10, minval=1)
xMAVolPrice = ema(volume * close, length)
xMAVol = ema(volume, length)
src = xMAVolPrice / xMAVol

ma = sma(src, length)
cci = (src - ma) / (0.015 * dev(src, length))
plot(cci, color=black, linewidth=2)
band1 = hline(100, color=gray, linestyle=dashed)
band0 = hline(-100, color=gray, linestyle=dashed)
fill(band1, band0, color=olive)