Multi-Currency & Multi-Timeframe SMA Summary Table

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This script displays a summary table of the direction of simple moving averages of all the currencies on all timeframes. The concept was that I wanted a summary page giving me a birds eye view of what is happening in the market. I plan to use it as a common sense check to confirm that I'm not trading against the flow. I'm not planning to use it to blindly enter (ah if only trading was that easy!!!).

The above example is showing the direction of the 100 SMA for 30S, 3min, 15min, 1h, 4h, D for all the currencies. The base currency is adjusted so that the colour coding is adjusted to express the strength of the specific currency. For example in the case of CAD it is showing the directions of SMAs for CADNZD, CADAUD, CADJPY, CADCHF, CADEUR, CADGBP, CADUSD - the base currency is flipped on some pairs so CAD is always the base currency.

An example of what it is showing - look at the 1h column on JPY. All rows are red except for the chf row. This means that the 100SMA is pointing down on all JPY crosses except for JPYCHF (remember, SMA is down assuming JPY is the base currency).

Unfortunately, I could not fit all the script into a single indicator so you have to load an instance of the indicator into the chart for each timeframe you want to see. So the above example has 6 instances of the indicator overlaid - 1 instance for: 30S, 3min, 15min, 1h, 4h and D. Just choose the timeframe and the script will automatically organise the table.

At the bottom (in blue) is a summary score: a score of 7 = the MA is up on that timeframe on all currency crosses; a score of -7 = the MA is down on that timeframe on all currency crosses. So if you look at the example above, the blue row is showing that USD is very strong against all other currencies and the AUD is generally weak against all other currencies (notice the light blue vs the dark blue).

-You can choose the length of the SMA.
-You can chose the 'lookback' period (the bars back the script looks to compare whether the MA is getting higher or lower)
-You can change the colours
-You can adjust the table size to fit your monitor size

I hope its useful - I tried it yesterday and it kept me focused on USD strength (and not get seduced by temporary USD weakness). So it is doing what I designed it to.

Hope its useful. Good luck!

-Colour of the table cell = direction of ma trend
-Colour of text = price close above/below ma
I've remade this indicator. It's totally different to the other version I lost. Itsd a better script with more information and its easier to work with.

Colour legend:

Green = MA is up and price is above MA
Red = MA is down and price is below MA
Green c/w red stars = MA is up but price is below MA
Red c/w green stars = MA is down but price is above MA
Grey c/w red stars = MA is flat but price is below MA
Grey c/w green stars = MA is flat but price is above MA
Added the score box


I added a summary mode - literally a summary of a summary table. If you select the 'show summary' option then the script will only show the summarised results for that currency (shown at the end in yellow>blue).

What you can then do is put multiple copies of the indicator into the same chart and it will organise itself and build you a summarised version of all 8 summary tables.

This more concise data will be far more useful to me than all the details on the other version as I never look at those details - its the bigger picture I want from it.

The code has become pretty messy now but the script runs fine.

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