Buy in Bollinger Band uptrend (Weekly and Daily)

// © PlanTradePlanMM 6/14/2020
// ---------------------------------------------------
// Name: Buy in Bollinger Band uptrend (Weekly and Daily)
// ---------------------------------------------------
// Key Points in this study:
// 1. Long in BB Upper band, probability of price going up is more than 50%
// 2. Buy at the bottom 1/4 of upper band (Upper line - EMA ), Stop is EMA , tartget is Upper line; it matches risk:reward=1:3;
// Draw Lines:
// BB Upper : is the Target (Black line)
// BB EMA : is the initial Stop (Black line)
// BuyLine : EMA20 + 1/4 of (Target-Stop), which matches risk:/reward=1:3 naturally
// Prepare Zone : between EMA and BuyLine
// buyPrice : Blue dot line only showing when has long position, Which shows entry price.
// StopPrice : Black dot line only showing when has long position, Which shows updated stop price.
// Add SMA (50) to filter the trend. Price >= SMA , allow to long
// What (Condition): in BB uptrend band
// When (Price action): Price cross over BuyLine;
// How (Trading Plan): Buy at BuyLine;
// Initial Stop is EMA ;
// Initial Target is BB Upper Line;
// FollowUp: if price moves up first, and the EMA is higher than Entry point, Use EMA as new stop. At least "make even" in this trade;
// Exit: 1. Initial stop -- "Stop" when down first, close below stop price.
// 2. Target reached -- "TR" when up quickly, Target reached
// 3. make even -- "ME" when small up and down, Exit at entry Price
// 4. Small Winner -- "SM" when EMA above Entry price, Exit when close below EMA , and higher than entry Price
// --------------
// Because there are too many flags in up trend study already, I will create a down trend script separately.
// Uptrend study is good for SPY , QQQ , and strong stocks.
// Downtrend Study is good for weak ETF , stock, and (-2x, -3x) ETFs, such as FAZ, UVXY , USO, XOP , AAL, CCL
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Back test Weekly and daily chart for SPY , QQQ
// If it will be a big Gap down or a big down move, stop at close price could be a big loss; But this way could avoid may noise, to stay in a trending position longer.
// When buy in trending move, the position could be hold for a big range.
// The best samples are SPY and QQQ daily chart .
// Better to use another way to verify the long term up trend first.
// For single stock, it is better shows more relative strength than SPY .
リリースノート: Change EMS to SMA, provide suggestion
Weekly BB(40) + SMA10 filter;
Daily BB(100)+ SMA13 filter;
Daily BB(50) + SMA8 filter;
Correct "Small Winner" to "SW", not "SM"
リリースノート: Correct typo.

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