Bitcoin Production Cost Oscillator

For Trav,

Oscillator version of "Bitcoin Production Cost".

Based on raw data from CBECI.
Follow me to read more about the calculation logic.

リリースノート: Updated with January 2020 electricity data.
リリースノート: Updated with May 2020 electricity data from
Now uses 2 week rolling data for finer granularity (while balancing TradingView load time).
Uses 4c/kWh (lower end of CBECI and Coinshares global average Mining electrical cost estimates).
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I went to the CBECI to get data to update for 12/19 but could not reproduce how you were getting your averages for the prior months. What numbers were you using for your averages?
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Thank You for sharing these indicators with us. I personally am preferring the oscillator but look at both.
IlyaBiervliet sharkpool
@sharkpool, where can i find this oscilator? i'm new to tradingview. Cheers!
sharkpool IlyaBiervliet
@IlyaBiervliet, Trading View pro+ or premium
How come price is 1k lower than on previous chart?
@ajwen17, they are the same
ajwen17 capriole_charles
@capriole_charles, on first chart there was 5.4k, thanks
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