Swingtrade strategy for volatile assets on the hourly chart

The strategy of this script is based on a setup that I used in 2016 for swingtrade on PETR4 and other IBOV actions. The intention of this script was to carry out a study to validate the effectiveness of the strategy precisely.

- This strategy works only to operate bought on the 1h (one hour) chart;
- The strategy is based on the strength of the market, which is measured according to moving averages;
- The setup uses targets of 3% above the input signal price and 11.5% stoploss for all operations;
- The stoploss is bigger than the target, this causes the hit rate to be high, but when there is a loss, the damage can be large;
- The setup performed well in some shares of the Brazilian stock market and cryptocurrencies of the dollar pair;



does it repaints? looks too good to be true the win rate.