[5F] Multi clocks

📋 Description :
This script displays three customizable clocks.
You can use it on chart too.
Works only in real time, not for replay.

🛠 Options :
Activate or not each clock
Time zone
Color and size in % of text and background

The script can be placed on the chart and in this case it is possible to change the position of each clock

Thanks to all Pinecoders who share their work with the community, in particular (non exhaustive list) :
LonesomeTheBlue, RafaelZioni, dgtrd, allanster, JayRogers , ChuckBanger, cheatcountry, NeoButane, ChrisMoody, QuantTherapy, J-Streak, makit0, john_everist, JustUncleL, everget, Duyck, KivancOzbilgic, LucF, HammondB3, blackcat1402, alexgrover, Mohamed3nan, DonovanWall, RicardoSantos, LazyBear, PRO_Indicators, theheirophant, midtownsk8rguy, e2e4mfck, SeaSide420, xel_arjona, RagingRocketBull, yatrader2, racer8, xdecow, Daveatt, QuantNomad, ceyhun, BigBitsIO, tista, aamonkey, rthomson, bgeraghty, pAulseperformance, rumpypumpydumpy

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