RODO Fair Value Indicator

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The indicator calculates the collateral weight across all pools and gives you the average arbitrage value in real time. Fair value is a green line when the price is undervalued and a red line when the price is overvalued.
We do not yet have TradingView data for the RODOUNI, RODOLINK, RODOHEX and RODOBNB pools - the used data is simulated for this pairs.

I will publish the indicator when we have correct data for all pools. Until then, you can keep an eye on it to know how your investment is moving and what the current fair price is between the pools
If you only use it to monitor your position, just enter your average price and number of tokens

If you also use it for arbitrage, you can enter what amount in USD you do arbitrage transactions with on average in the "Trade Value" field and the indicator will automatically calculate
how much money you can make with such a trade (without considering the transaction price).

Accordingly, the pair that is undervalued and the pair that is overvalued are lit in green

Arbitrage means - we buy the undervalued market and sell the overvalued one. With two transactions, we realize a guaranteed profit. Profits are tiny, but it's a safe trade
In the newer version, we have updated RODOLINK price, based in our real pool values


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