Mark Sessions

TheOTCMECHANIC アップデート済   
Displays trading sessions in a very flexible way.
The main intention of this indicator is to give a way to display market sessions with your own style preferences and expectations and achieve cleanness of your chart.
This indicator allows to show up to 6 sessions plus day session. Time range of the sessions are set in timezone you choose. Mostly all settings can be set in one place and be inherited by all sessions. And of course after settings inheritage you still have a way to make session setting exceptions without changing others.
You can adjust any borders of the session to show, background to show, adjust labels attachment target and their alignments, change the color of sessions, and line styles. All of those settings can turn session picture in any presentation you like.

Enjoy and I'm open to hear your advices
- added additional 2 sessions
- added overall color capacity changer
- added session box extender option
minor fixes with updating last zone of sessions


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