ATR in %

Muh indicator :)

Simple but so useful little script. I work in percents because this is what makes sense not "pips" and "ticks" my account grows or diminishes a certain percentage I risk "1%" for example not ticks, ticks is what bad dogs have.
Was tired of calculating manually every time.

Makes it easier to set stop losses, get an idea of what to expect, risk in a kind of worse case scneario, backtest strategies, compare charts etc quickly. More quick now.

Bitcoin and NatGas, you do NOT need leverage... that somehow got surprised by Natgas volatility and squeezed, I think he did not bother doing this...
Happens all the time on NatGas, that "short seller catastrophy" that made the headlines was not even that big of a spike...
Plenty of way worse ones not long ago

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