Crypto Trading Helper - by @cryptomrdavis

I was looking for a strategy on TradingView that can send me signals when i have to buy or sell.
The most strategys/indicators that i found where only paid once, so i decided to create my own.
Now, a few weeks later i can share it with you and this one is completely FREE.


  • Buy / sell signals
  • Take profit - default 5%, 10% & 15%
  • Fibonacci included
  • Set alerts (buy/sell, tp1, tp2 & tp3)
  • more to come

For now i recommend to use it on higher timeframes.

Happy trading!


*** use this tool on your own risk ***


ETH: 0x7b825fa752b9926D3E8397cDb1d9E5473D074646
BCH: qz57n04ud6mn42u00aymqkku8tfh0lk4jv9c28mjvv

リリースノート: fix
リリースノート: Version 1.2
added three EMA's to the script
リリースノート: Version 1.3

  • Take Profit short will be now displayed under the bar
  • Now you can simply switch off TP long or short
  • Added Ichimoku Cloud
  • removed some noise

Still recommend to use it on higher timeframes - need to reduce more noise.
リリースノート: fix
リリースノート: had to reset the strategy conditions back to the v1.2 - found some issue and it didn't work out well on downtrends.
リリースノート: Version 1.4

Use this strategy on Haikin Ashi candles for the best results. Still some bad signals but you should always do a TA, this helps and works well together!
  • Strategy improved and fixed some errors
リリースノート: Version 1.5

  • less noise in the script so better buy/sell signals
  • added pivot
  • now there are 5 take profit points
  • removed fibonacci

    Still trying to get the best results for this script. But every asset needs different settings, so play around with it and find the best ones for you.
リリースノート: fix
リリースノート: .
リリースノート: don't know why the preview is not showing correctly.. trying to fix that.
リリースノート: update
リリースノート: Version 1.5.1

  • added a future which allows you to decide which strategy you want to use. version 1.4 and below was pretty good for higher timeframes but weak on lower and the new version 1.5 was good on the lower ones. you can just turn it on by choose which you prefer. but use only one! need to fix that, when you choose one, that the other one will be deactivated.
リリースノート: Version 1.5.1

  • added BB and automated Trendlines. Now it's easier to determine the trend. If signal appears on the higher high skip if, need to fix that.

You use all the settings or just disable them - it's up to you. from time to time the signals will get better and i'll improve this script. hope it helps you out.
リリースノート: Version 1.5.2
リリースノート: Version 1.5.3

  • reduced some noise to get better entry/exit points
  • removed the lower timeframe strategy - didn't worked out so well as i aspected
リリースノート: This indicator doesn't repaint.
リリースノート: Version 1.5.4

  • added plots for the crossover/crossunder for the EMA's
  • displays also the golden/death cross
  • included alerts for that
リリースノート: fix
リリースノート: Version 1.5.5

  • added Fibonacci again
リリースノート: 1.6

  • added divergence spotting / regular & hidden
  • code clean up

working on a website for all my script. next step will be to optimize the algo for the buy & sell signals
リリースノート: 1.6.1

  • relocated the divergence. now they will show up above or under the bars with a space in between if tp or buy/sell signal should appear there too
  • added possible bottom/top finder
リリースノート: Version 2

After endless hours i can publish this new version.
Recoded the algorithm and improved the quality of the signals. Cleaned up some code and removed some features to keep that tool simple.
There is still more room to clean up the signals - will improve it by the time but i recommend to use it on high timeframes like 4H or 1D chart.
リリースノート: Update 2.1

  • Improved the signal conditions
  • Cleaned up the setting
  • Added parabolic sar
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nice work i will test :)
Those settings that are set as default worked out best on the ETH/BTC pair. If you want to use on another pair, just adjust those settings to fit the best results.
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