[pp] Signal Generator

Research and Development Tool.

For anyone who is familiar with working with digital signals (audio/electrical engineers) you might appreciate this Signal Generator.
You can select and vary 4 different types of signals.

Logistic Map
If you're not familiar with the logistic map, then go watch a youtube video. By default the equation is meant to represent chaos and is a good alternative for random number generation.

This uses the built-in random number generator. I'm not sure if it's better to use this or the logmap default settings. Either way, you have a choice.

Unit Impulse
Good for creating a transient impulse.

Step Impulse
Similar to the unit impulse. Except constant and not a transient.

It comes with 4 wave functions (Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw) that can be combined for additive synthesis. Each wave function contains its own respective phase and amplitude control.

Many of these functions were taken from with the exception of the logistic map. I simply aggregated them all into this toolkit for ease of use.

How to use
This is not a trading indicator. This is meant to be used for research and development. You could use it to test strategies, by generating white noise with the logmap and creating trading signals. Or you could use it for teaching and learning. Using the constant data as a dependable, repeatable resource .


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