Leavitt Convolution Slope [CC]

The Leavitt Convolution Slope indicator was created by Jay Leavitt (Stocks and Commodities Oct 2019, page 11), who is most well known for creating the Volume-Weighted Average Price indicator. This indicator is very similar to the Leavitt Convolution indicator but the big difference is that it is getting the slope instead of predicting the next Convolution value. I changed quite a few things from the original source code so let me know if you like these changes. I added a normalization function using code from a good friend @loxx that I recommend to leave on but feel free to experiment with it. Last but not least, the unsure levels are essentially acting as a buy or sell threshold. I personally recommend to buy or sell for zero crossovers but another option would be to buy or sell for crossovers using the unsure levels. I have color coded the lines to turn light green for a normal buy signal or dark green for a strong buy signal and light red for a normal sell signal, and dark red for a strong sell signal.

This is another indicator in a series that I'm publishing to fulfill a special request from @ashok1961 so let me know if you ever have any special requests for me.


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