EmpowerU ETH 3min Strategy 1

This indicator is used for educational purposes. This is an indicator is based on triple EMAs. This indicator gives signals for long and short entries, not exits. Exits using this indicator can result in losses. This indicator is meant as an inferior replacement of trend line breaks. It is a very tool to analyze trend lines . Many beginners do not know how to draw trend lines , as they do not know which wave belongs to which time frame. By using this indicator, they can get used to the waves within that time frame. At the end of the day, they will be able to manually draw trend lines for higher accuracy of trend analysis.

The default settings are to be used on a 3min ETHUSDTPERP chart on Binance. When a red signal shows, it means the 3min chart upward trend line is broken and a downtrend may start. When a green signal shows, it means the 3min chart downward trend line is broken and an uptrend may start.

This indicator can also be used on 15min chart. On higher times frames, it is not recommended to use this indicator as it is lagging.

This indicator re-paints, which means the signal is only confirmed after the candle closes.

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