Weekly - Fibonacci pivot levels and Gann levels calculation and marking on Chart automatically.
Mainly expected to use for trading on NIFTY and BankNifty

Kindly share your comments and suggestions to improve
リリースノート: Updated with option to enable / disable Daily/weekly/monthly PIvots and GANN levels

Known limitation: incase if try to enable daily/weekly/monthly Pivot and Gann levels - (all at the same time) the number of drawings are exceeding the limit.
Work around : in addition to enabling all daily/weekly/monthly Pivots, please enable max of any two GANN levels out of Daily / Weekly/ Monthly.

Will resolve this limitation in next version.
リリースノート: Updated 90P incorrect Label
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can u please add buy sell level with target,stop loss and support levels if possible pls ping me on +9167433352
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can you please include labels option to show ?? You select or deselect the same in the setting...
rvc8280 sam_m400
@sam_m400, Updated with options as suggested . Kindly use the latest version and share feedback for further improvement.
DeeAhuja rvc8280
@rvc8280, Too many data has spoiled the indicator.
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