Ehlers Median Average Adaptive Filter [CC]

The Median Average Adaptive Filter was created by John Ehlers and this is another in my current series of undiscovered gems. I'm sure you are all saying but Franklin , Ehlers doesn't have any undiscovered gems but in this case you would be wrong. This was actually an indicator so buried on the internet that I had to use the wayback machine to find the original source code. Ehlers notoriously hates adaptive moving averages which is funny because he has made a decent amount of them. This is a very unique indicator that uses a while loop to adjust the length and I thought it deserved some extra recognition from the TV community. I have included strong buy and sell signals in addition to normal ones so strong signals are darker in color and normal signals are lighter in color. Buy when the line turns green and sell when it turns red.

Let me know if there are any other scripts or indicators you would like to see me publish!


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