[RESEARCH] Mean Absolute Deviation

Hello traders and developers!

I was wondering how built-in "dev" function in Pine is calculated so I made a little research.

I examined 7 samples:
0) "dev" function itself
1) "dev" according to its description: series - sma (series)
2) Mean Absolute Deviation
3) ratio of the absolute difference from 1) divided by period
4) ratio of the difference from 1) divided by period
5) Median Absolute Deviation
6) tricky for-loop to calculate Mean Absolute Deviation

The results of the null and sixth samples are identical.

So, TV built-in "dev" function represents Mean Absolute Deviation and it's description is incorrect.

Where it is used? For example: Commodity Channel Index . You can check its original formula and if you used simple standard deviation instead of MAD in your CCIs - well guys, you were wrong.

Good luck!


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Hey everget. Thanks for everything you do and your contribution to the community! I'm working on this problem and I'd like to use the "dev" function with a "len" that is a series output. Am I reading this correctly that the only way to do this is to use the "for" loop and get accurate results?
pinecoders provided everyone with functions for SMA, Stdev, Sum, and others that create the ability to use a series as the length. Would this be possible for dev as well?

Again, can't thank you enough =)
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kurtsmock everget
@everget, Great stuff. Thanks so much. I really appreciate it!
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Nice, thanks!
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NikoBellic90 NikoBellic90
@everget - are you using CCI a lot ?
everget NikoBellic90
@NikoBellic90, nope. It is similar to Bollinger
Thanks for sharing :) more things to try with BBs :)
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everget QuantTherapy
@QuantTherapy, nemas zac)
I absolutely love these indicators
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everget overttherainbow
@overttherainbow, me too)
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