AllTradeSignals - The Stiffness Indicator

Hello, fellow traders! This indicator is a part-conversion part-upgrade of a momentum study called "The Stiffness Indicator", published in the November 2018 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities .

The author's premise is that it is safer to trade with the asset's upward momentum, once a strong trend is established.

The indicator analyzes the number of times price is above the moving average (default is SMA ) over a specified number of periods (default is 100).

I've added the ability to choose your own moving average, and in my testing smoothed, T3 and others offer superior performance to SMA . Play around with it.

Also included is the ability to change the "alert" level (default is 90) and to filter out alerts that occur when the S&P 500 EMA for the past 100 periods is below that of the previous 100. This can prevent buy alerts that occur close to full-market dips.

To use this indicator, add it to your chart and you're all set. If you wish, you can tweak the settings and set alerts to notify you when it's time to buy.

Any questions, please ask below.

Happy trading!

Example Buys Using This Indicator

ALGN - 1 Day Chart

WTER - 1 Day Chart

INFY - 4 Hour Chart

CMCAS - 4 Hour Chart (note the different moving average used!)

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