Fibonacci Time Moving Average Ribbons [DW]

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This is an experimental study that takes a moving average of price, then offsets the average by up to 11 consecutive Fibonacci numbers from 1 to 144.
Choose between Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average , Hull Moving Average , Fractal Adaptive Moving Average , Geometric Moving Average, or Exponential Moving Average .
リリースノート: Updates:
Expanded the available moving average types. The available moving averages now in this script are:
-Exponential Moving Average
-Simple Moving Average
-Smoothed Moving Average
-Weighted Moving Average
-Volume Weighted Moving Average
-Arnaud Legoux Moving Average
-Hull Moving Average
-Least Squares Moving Average
-Coefficient of Variation Weighted Moving Average
-Fractal Adaptive Moving Average
-Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average

Bar colors are now included. The color scheme highlights coherent and divergent price activity.
リリースノート: Updates:

Cleaned up the code. Removed unnecessary variables for enhanced performance.

Added Double Exponential Moving Average to the available moving average types.

Moving average type selection is now an easy to use dropdown menu.

Added volume options to the VWMA calculation. You can now choose between the default or tick volume as the volume type.

Updated color scheme to include pullbacks.
リリースノート: Updates:

Minor bug fix

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