This script plots a set of multitimeframe moving averages for a certain moving average period (the default period is 200).
The user can select tye type of moving average ( SMA , EMA , or WMA ).

For example, suppose you select a SMA 200. Then you can see on the chart the SMA 200 for the following timeframes: M1 , M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, 1D and 1W, independently of the current timeframe.

Notice that plotting the SMA 200 M1 doesn't make sense in a H4 or daily timeframe , since it would overlap with the candles. It's not worth plotting it.
Thus, smaller timeframes moving averages are removed automatically from higher timeframes.
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Bienvenido sea! Good Job!
Muchas gracias @VMTH :)
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