EW CountHelper HiLo/Volume-based; with predict-tendency

Here is my Elliott wave count assistant. It is volume based and remarkable signifant to me,
how well volume changes can even predict the next swing. (If you use it, you will see that is a little faster
and oftenly more accentuated than the original price swing.)

Standard use: Lean back from the screne to see the whole picture more likely than details.
The beginning of a green cluster is the begining of a new wave one, the end is the end of wave 5 . Red is correcting abc. (Upside down valid in downtrends.)

Advanced use
: You will see that most of stocks have their own bullsih support, somewhere below zero.
Mark it with an horizontal line as an additional warner for reversals.

Btw: Have a look at the last "upswing" of SPLK in my example (Start March, 8th, 2019)
My Indicator says that is still correcting - ergo a b wave (probably of a zigzag , so further decline to expect.)

Have fun and help with it!

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