EMA Stoch Strategy For ProfitView

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This strategy will enter positions when the set stochastic conditions are met, and uses the moving average to filter the direction of the trades (long/short). The background is used to illustrate the strength of the stochastic values.

The following is a step by step guide in order to automate the trading of the strategy with ProfitView:
  • In the indicator settings, set the desired stochastic and ema values, and the stochastic condition you want to use to enter a trade.
  • In the indicator, set which exchange, symbol, and account to execute trades on.
  • In the indicator, set the PV Alert names you intend to use. If you want to use the same names as provided in the pastebin below, you may set the three names to Market Long, Market Short, TP SL Hit.
  • In PV , create two new PV Alerts in the PV Alert tab in accordance to these specifics
  • On the Tradingview chart you want the indicator run on, create a new TV alert with this script as its condition, and specify the alert to "alert() function calls only".

リリースノート: Added leverage parameter that is added to the alert message for optional usage. Leverage in PV can now be set by adding leverage=_mylev to the order entry line for example
quantity=100% type=market leverage=_mylev
リリースノート: Allow switch from Stoch RSI to plain Stoch
リリースノート: Only place tp/sl exits after position entries instead of every tick
リリースノート: Make stoch values invisibly plotted on the chart to be able to directly read current values
リリースノート: Fixed a bug that was sending tp/sl alert at the same time as position entry if tp/sl was enabled
リリースノート: Dont track trade direction with strategy variables anymore due to complications with sending tp/sl alert
リリースノート: Minor format edit
リリースノート: Minor code cleanup

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