[BM] HTF Candle Evolution

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This script shows how a higher timeframe candle evolves over time.
It was created as a visual aid to #TheStrat and provides a new way of looking at Timeframe Continuity.



  • HTF: Higher Timeframe selection with dropdown and ability to manually input a timeframe that is not present in the dropdown.
  • Label: Show a label with the selected higher timeframe.
  • Marker: Shows a marker symbol at the start of each new higher timeframe.
  • Align: Aligns the candles around a selected center line.

The Strat

Multi-timeframe analysis is used extensively in #TheStrat (created by Rob Smith), so the ability to add #TheStrat coloring has been made available.

  • Scenario: Define the colors for the strat scenario's.
  • Coloring of: Choose which part of the candles you want the selected strat scenario colors to be applied to.
  • Band: Display a band that shows the active strat scenario color of the selected higher timeframe.

All features are completely customizable.
Eliminated the call for better performance. h/t @LucF
Code optimizations.


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