EMA Strategy

REV0LUTI0N アップデート済   
This is a simple EMA cross strategy. This script was published by CaptJava. I added in the ability to check off a box and allow shorting, the ability to select a back testing date range and also the ability to enter the buy message and sell message in the properties.  You then create the webhook alert and put only this in the message:
That will pull in your alert message dynamically.

I may add more features to this over time.
I already made some changes to this script because I discovered the alerts that you set in the properties wasn't working properly. Now it's fixed and if you put {{strategy.order.alert_message}} in your alert message it will dynamically populate from the messages you set for entry/exit in the strategy properties. I also noticed depending on what trade automation service you're using, it can fire too many alerts so I added now 3 options. First you can select long only and it will launch a long entry and long exit signal. Second is short only which will launch a short entry and short exit signal. Lastly is order swapping where it will take both sides but will only launch long entry and short entry each time. One final option would be to check of long only and short only if you wanted to take both sides and needed there to be an alert to close one position before opening another. There's too much detail to get into here, but depending on if you're using 3commas vs another automation service for crypto or a service like for stocks, you will need the flexibility of these options. Finally please note that if you use the stop loss feature, the exit alerts will use the long exit and short exit messages.

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