CM Stochastic POP Method 1 - Jake Bernstein_V1

A good friend ucsgears recently published a Stochastic Pop Indicator designed by Jake Bernstein with a modified version he found.

I spoke to Jake this morning and asked if he had any updates to his Stochastic POP Trading Method. Attached is a PDF Jake published a while back (Please read for basic rules, which also Includes a New Method). I will release the Additional Method Tomorrow.

Jake asked me to share that he has Updated this Method Recently. Now across all symbols he has found the Stochastic Values of 60 and 30 to be the most profitable. NOTE - This can be Significantly Optimized for certain Symbols/Markets.

Jake Bernstein will be a contributor on TradingView when Backtesting/Strategies are released. Jake is one of the Top Trading System Developers in the world with 45+ years experience and he is going to teach how to create Trading Systems and how to Optimize the correct way.

Below are a few Strategy Results....Soon You Will Be Able To Find Results Like This Yourself on

BackTesting Results Example: EUR-USD Daily Chart Since 01 / 01 /2005

Strategy 1:
Go Long When Stochastic Crosses Above 60. Go Short When Stochastic Crosses Below 30. Exit Long/Short When Stochastic has a Reverse Cross of Entry Value.

Total Trades = 164
Profit = 50, 126 Pips
Win% = 38.4%
Profit Factor = 1.35
Avg Trade = 306 Pips Profit
***Most Consecutive Wins = 3 ... Most Consecutive Losses = 6

Strategy 2:
Rules - Proprietary Optimization Jake Will Teach. Only Added 1 Additional Exit Rule.

Total Trades = 164
Profit = 62, 876 Pips!!!
Win% = 38.4%
Profit Factor = 1.44
Avg Trade = 383 Pips Profit
***Most Consecutive Wins = 3 ... Most Consecutive Losses = 6

Strategy 3:
Rules - Proprietary Optimization Jake Will Teach. Only added 1 Additional Exit Rule.

Winning Percent Increases to 72.6%!!!, Same Amount of Trades.
***Most Consecutive Wins = 21 ...Most Consecutive Losses = 4

Indicator Includes:

-Ability to Color Candles (CheckBox In Inputs Tab)
Green = Long Trade
Blue = No Trade
Red = Short Trade

-Color Coded Stochastic Line based on being Above/Below or In Between Entry Lines.

Link To Jakes PDF with Rules
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//Created by ChrisMoody on 3-13-2015
//Original Creator is Jake Bernstein from

study(title="_CM_Stochastic POP Method 1_V1", shorttitle="CM_Stochastic POP Method 1_V1")

length = input(14, minval=1, title="Stochastic Length - Default 14")
smoothK = input(5, minval=1, title="Smooth K - Default 5")
ul = input(60, minval=50, title="Buy Entry/Exit Line")
ll = input(30, maxval=50, title="Sell Entry/Exit Line")
st = input(false, title="Change Barcolor To Show Long, Short, or No Trades")

//Stochastic Calculation
k = sma(stoch(close, high, low, length), smoothK)

//Upper and Lower Entry Lines
uline = ul
lline = ll

//Bar Color Definitions
Long() => st and k >= uline ? 1 : 0
Short() => st and k <= lline ? 1 : 0
NoTrade() => st and (k > lline and k < uline) ? 1 : 0

//Color Definition for Stochastic Line
col = k >= uline ? green : k <= lline ? red : blue

//Stochastic Plots
plot(k, title="Stochastic", style=line, linewidth=4, color=col)
p1 = plot(uline, title="Upper Line", style=line, linewidth=4, color=green)
p2 = plot(100, title="100 Line", color=white)
fill(p1, p2, title="Long Trade Fill Color", color=green, transp=90)
p3 = plot(lline, title="Lower Line", style=line, linewidth=4, color=red)
p4 = plot(0, title="0 Line", color=white)
fill(p1, p3, title="No Trade Fill Color", color=blue, transp=90)
fill(p3, p4, title="Short Trade Fill Color", color=red, transp=90)

//Bar Color Plots
barcolor(Long() ? green : na)
barcolor(NoTrade() ? blue : na)
barcolor(Short() ? red : na)


Link to PDF with Jakes Stochastic Pop Rules - Plus Background Info on Method.
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Codetrader ChrisMoody
Best Regards Chris, You Are A Champion! Thanks for Sharing and Caring.

AdamSragovicz ChrisMoody
Funny how powerful some of the classic indicators can be with the right settings. Thank you so much for sharing.
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ChrisMoody AdamSragovicz
#1 - I didn't cherry pick this chart...but you'll notice putting it on other charts the trades aren't as Clean as they are on this chart. However I did state that it only has a 38% win rate over the last 10 years...but it makes money.

#2 - I've had the opportunity to see the code for many of the most successful trading systems out there...Typically codes are "Locked" so most people don't get to see what the signals actually come from. I can tell you 100%...Most people would be Amazed how simple the best trading systems are.
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RaniNair ChrisMoody
@ChrisMoody, Hello Chris,
I have joined TradingView less than a year now. just 2 weeks ago I happened to see your customized indicators/ ideas like "CM stochatsic POP method, Price Action Indicator - Price Patterns That Work", "CM_Pivot Points_M-W-D-4H-1H_Filtered" etc. and I became a fan of you. I am an options trader and would like to ask you if this indicators can be used to trade options? The above ideas been published 2 years ago, and are you not publishing any more indicators / ideas lately? I am really disappointed to say that I am not seeing any more ideas of yours lately.

ifly777 ChrisMoody
@ChrisMoody, Hi Thanks for sharing the indicator, but the above link doesn't work anymore. I would really appreciate if you can update the link please. Thanks.
ramasamys03 ChrisMoody
@ChrisMoody, the link is not working now. Could you please share the updated PDF link? Thanks much
please share the rule pdf.
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Came up with a really good strategy. Use a 90 day moving average as your trend (price is above, only go long, vice versa). Buy when you get the stochastic pop (stochastic %K crosses above 55). Use the super super trend indicator here on tradingview (can't remember who coded it) as your stop loss. When price crosses below the super super trend line, close your position. Works really really well. You can also screen for stocks on with this criteria. Let me know if anybody needs help with this method.
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rkayasth thomas.gigure
@thomas.gigure, Hey Thomas, Can you pl explain with an example? PM me, and also if you can recollect the Super super trend indicator
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