TriexDev - Liquidation Rekt Levels

TriexDev - Liquidation Rekt Levels TradingView Indicator

A basic indicator which lets you see where positions will be liquidated. Each line is based on default leverage levels typically used for trading. (3x,5x,10x,25x,50x)

Have a subtle 'label prompt' on the 3x - because I had noticed some people didn't understand what labels were in other indicators.

In the settings:
- There is an offset to adjust the levels horizontally, this is to help make it easier to track if the chart has hit liquidation positions.
- You can change colours/opacity of the lines.
- You can hide the 'Labels', and/or 'label prompt'
- In the 'Style' tab you can hide individual levels.

Inspired/initially based off 'Mex Rekt Level'

I often have this added to my charts, and toggle visibility when I want to check the liq levels.

GitHub Repo for tidier/more detailed documentation as it is updated.


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