Hancock - RSI [Session]

This is an improvement of my RSI Volume indicator.

I have made a session based RSI indicator which helps to aid the decision making upon session opens and gives a good indication of trend during. It also has various fixes for bugs found in the above indicator.

It has multiple settings to configure:

Use session: This toggles the RSI to be session based mode.

Session - Time: The session hours for the RSI .
Session - Days of Week: This is the days for the session based RSI to use.
Session - Mode: The RSI is reset when a new session starts. This mode adjusts how the initial value of the RSI is calculated:

OC: RSI uses the absolute open - close * volume value.
TR: RSI uses the true range * volume value.
VOL: RSI uses the volume value.

TF - Resolution: This is the lower time frame to be used in calculating the wick adjusted buy and sell volume used in the calculation of Volume weighted RSI . A lower time frame produces more accurate buy and sell volumes.
Use Volume: Enabling this produces a Volume weighted RSI . Disabled produces a normal RSI .
Use Wicks: Enabling this adjusts the calculation for buy and sell volume by taking wicks into account.
RSI - Length: This is the length to be used for the RSI . If session based this is the maximum value the RSI length can be - length can be shorter to not include previous session data.
RSI - Overbought: This is the "overbought" level for the RSI .
RSI - Oversold: This is the "oversold" level for the RSI .
RSI - Threshold: This is the threshold used to indicate trend change colours on the RSI .

Happy Trading
リリースノート: Added circle to RSI to signal new session start
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Brilliant :)
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ahancock joaquincarabias
@joaquincarabias, If you are having trouble, drop me a DM i'll try help
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