ATR Oscillator - Index (Average True range Oscillator)

The purpose of converting the ATR value indicator to an oscillator;

It is known that the ATR value is not between the two specified values. So it is not compressed between 0 and 100 like RSI and %B etc. Therefore, conditions such as "A condition if ATR value is X, B condition if ATR value is Y" cannot be created. In order to create these conditions, the max and min value range of the ATR value must be determined. This indicator converts the ATR values into a percentage number according to the maximum and minimum ATR values in the period you will choose. Max value is 100, min value is 0. The considered ATR value, on the other hand, corresponds to the % of the difference between the max and min value in the selected period.

In this way, conditions such as "If the ATR Oscillator value is greater than 10 or 20 or 30" can now be created, or the value of another indicator can be calculated based on the ATR Oscillator value. For example; Let's say we want the standard deviation of BBand to change according to the value of the ATR Oscillator. If BBand Standard Deviation is 3 if ATRO value is 100, BBand Standard Deviation is 2 if ATRO value is 0, and BBand Standard Deviation is 2.5 when ATRO value is 50;

We can encode it as BBand_Std_Dev=((ATRO*0. 01 )+2 )

If the ATRO value is between .... and ...., you can make improvements such as plot color X.

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